Mostly from the comic 'Latverian Prometheus' but there's one movie icon and one classic comic icon in there too.








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Mmm, delicious Balder icons. Stealing. I love the Loki 'OMG' one as well - that moment in Latverian Prometheus where he recounts how horrified he was by Doom's vivisection plans is just priceless Loki. No-one believes him, but he's hamming up that routine like he's Brian Blessed.

The last one is so shippy. I love the exchange 'do I find myself in Balder's good graces?' 'No, but I am not in my own'. WOOBIE KING OF ASGARD.

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Loki's 'flashback' panel made me laugh so hard. He is one step away from going, "No seriously you guys, I was majorly squicked!" STFU Loki, you were probably licking Doom's neck while he worked.

Balder is so hopelessly naive. Naive isn't even a strong enough word. I'm surprised Loki doesn't get bored of toying with him - he makes it too easy!

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I seem to recall what Loki was actually doing was looking on gleefully ('do you know what vivisection is, Endrik? Pity... best if I let the doctor explain') licking Doom's neck, then taking a short break to murder Kelda's boyfriend. But my memory may be faulty.

You know, my reading of Balder is slightly different. I think the thing about Balder is that he acknowledges what he can and cannot change. Thor rages pointlessly when he feels bad things have been set in motion, but Balder just shrugs, says que sera and waits for the denouement so he can do something awesome and heroic. And Balder is well aware throughout this whole arc that Loki is screwing them all over, but he'll take counsel wherever he can get it.

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But my memory may be faulty.

Perhaps. I mean, surely I wouldn't have just imagined Loki going, "Ooh, Doom, your evil machinations get me so hot... cut your name into my arm while we do it?" I mean, what kind of person would make that up?

I think the thing about Balder is that he acknowledges what he can and cannot change.

Maybe it's immature of me, but I'd rather see him try. I mean, there has to be someone else in Asgard he could talk to about running the kingdom (Ha, I wrote kitchen and came up with the weirdest AU idea...)

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Well Balder's a frustrated pacifist (and comfort eater)!

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Quick, man! Cling tenaciously to my buttocks!

And OMG Loki is utter WIN!

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I totally thought your icon said, 'I just vomited excrement all over my computer'. I was all O__o

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Ah ha ha ha ha ha....OH EPIC! I think I want an icon that says that now.
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I most definitely have to nick Icon 23; I have too many "the world sucks and I want to kill it with fire" days to be shocked that I didn't already have a "hate" icon....

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I almost yoinked that one as my default (so fitting) but then I liked this one just a tiny bit more... :)
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Nabbed #23 (lol), #14, and #9 :D These are brilliant!

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Thanks for letting me know! Don't forget to credit :)


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