[livejournal.com profile] norsekink is distracting me from my big bang. There was a prompt for Balder bringing Loki back to Asgard. I didn't make it quite slash, but there's...something there between Balder and Loki.

“Your brother has missed you.”

They are not the words Balder had planned, but his carefully-rehearsed speech has crumbled in his mind at the sight of Loki Odinson. As difficult as it had been to believe the God of Mischief had survived his fall, it was easier than believing that this battered, broken creature is the proud Loki.

As he speaks, dulled blue-green eyes raise to him. But Loki says nothing.

Another guard runs into the room and Balder simply throws the man aside, sending him crashing against the wall. Despite being clearly outmatched, these men continue to try and stop him. It is quite admirable.

“We should leave,” Balder says.

Loki sighs deeply. “I am not so sure.”

“But I am here to rescue you,” Balder explains, not understanding Loki’s objection. When he had heard rumour that the Trickster was trapped here, subjugated by the will of the SHIELD forces, there had been no question about the correct course of action. Balder has come alone to rescue Loki, not wishing to disappoint Thor if the information had been erroneous. And now Loki refuses his freedom? “What manner of trick is this?”

“Do you know why they keep me here, Balder?” Loki asks, meeting his eyes finally. “Do you know what I did to upset the humans?”

“No,” Balder replies simply, still listening for warning signs of more attackers in the corridors outside. They really do need to leave.

“I tried to destroy their world,” Loki says calmly, as though it is a mundane and inconsequential thing. The tone of his voice chills Balder further than the words themselves. “I would have killed billions.”

All Asgard had heard of Loki’s treachery against them, though details were sparse. It had seemed disrespectful to ask while Odin’s family grieved so clearly. Now Balder is forced to rethink his feelings towards the man he came to save. There is a pertinent question though.

Why, Loki? Why do such a thing?”

A smirk flickers at the edge of Loki’s thin lips. “I’m not really sure. That, essentially, is the core of my dilemma. I think everything got rather out of control. And I don’t just mean here. I mean in Asgard.” A frown creases the slender god’s brow. “I could have killed my father with my duplicity.”

“But you are repentant,” Balder reasons. “That is a step towards goodness.”

“I am not repentant,” snaps Loki. “I am merely thinking aloud. I could have killed my father. I begged Thor to battle me. I allowed frost giants to enter our kingdom and attacked our guardian. I was out of control, Balder.” A flash of green lights up Loki’s eyes with magic. “And it was divine. I cannot promise to return to my former restraint.”

“I did not come here to extract promises from you, Loki,” Balder says steadily, as though the trickster’s words are not the dangerous ramblings of a god gone mad. “I came to take you home.”

Loki laughs. “Why, Balder?” he asks in a simpering impersonation of Balder’s earlier question. “Why do such a thing?”

“Because you belong with us,” Balder answers with certainty. “If you require justice, we will exact it. If you require help, we will provide it. If you require imprisonment, then it will be in the lavish royal tower you were raised in. Not here in this dank human cell where you could escape the moment you grow bored.”

“I have left a couple of times,” Loki grins.

“Come with me,” Balder pleads, holding out an imploring hand. “We will find a way to soothe your troubled mind. You are not the first god to fall to malice.”

Loki twists his wrists in a movement too deft for Balder to follow, then is free of his cuffs. He reaches out and takes Balder’s hand, lets himself be pulled to his feet. Once there, he is deep in Balder’s personal space, leaning in further to whisper in the brave god’s sensitive ear.

“I will be the worst though.”

Balder sighs. “I know.”

Still the thought of leaving Loki behind does not cross his mind.

From: [identity profile] scyllaya.livejournal.com

The thing about this norse_kink stuff is that I am intrigued to contribute something.

Maybe because I love Norse mythology, maybe because whenever I read "Loki" Richard Speight Jr.'s face comes to mind and I see Gabriel's smirk on his face, but the point remains. I am intrigued to write something too, probably won't as I am too busy, but still. XD

Are these norse gods on this norsekink tied to one certain universe (movie, TV or something)?

Liked this very much. Oh and you do know Baldur (Balder) is Loki's nephew in Norse Mythology, right? But then again that does not matter that much among gods in mythology :D

From: [identity profile] sarkywoman.livejournal.com

Uh, as the link said, spoilers for the new Thor movie. So it's Marvel-verse. I tagged it Marvel movie-verse because I'm using the characterisations from the film, but Balder isn't in the film so I suppose I'm using comic-book Balder. The Marvel verse is inspired by Norse myth, but different from it. In Marvel comic-verse, Balder is Loki's step-brother, really. It's similar to Norse Myth in that Loki is not really related to any of them by blood except his children, since he is born of the Giant Laufey. Only in Marvel-verse he's raised by Odin as Thor's brother.

From: [identity profile] scyllaya.livejournal.com

Uh I see, totally awesome. I love Marvel, I love Norse Gods. This movie is immediately on my to-do-list! Thanks for bringing it to my attention then :D

From: [identity profile] sarkywoman.livejournal.com

It's funny, I always love Loki in all his incarnations. I think the movie is the most serious I've seen him represented so far, but I think that's because it's setting him up, as it were.

The kink meme is incorporating Norse myths in there too, just from a Marvel and kinky angle (such as a fic based on the Thor and Loki crossdressing story).

From: [identity profile] scyllaya.livejournal.com

Loki was always my favorite Norse god long before Supernatural too and now I am really curious about this movie and will hunt it down :)

From: [identity profile] sarkywoman.livejournal.com

It's just come out this week in the UK, don't know when it's due everywhere else. My layout and new icon are from the film.

From: [identity profile] scyllaya.livejournal.com

Cool :D Will keep my eyes open then shouldn't take long for the film to reach Vienna :D

From: [identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/_bluebells/

I read this first thing in the morning when I was half-lucid, reading it again twelve hours later it's even better. I love how well you've carried on the darkness of Loki's character from the end of the film and Balder's sadness witnessing what he's become, his almost foolish hope and insistence that Loki can be managed even though they both know better. This really was great!

From: [identity profile] sarkywoman.livejournal.com

Thank you! I was reading comics at the time and shaking my head despairingly at Balder's continuing attempts to trust Loki when it never, ever ends well.

From: [identity profile] gennfa.livejournal.com

This is the first fic about the norse mythology I've written so far.
I also have absolutely no idea who Balder is. ^^ I'm more familiar with the greek mythology (due to the Percy Jackson books).

Due to the movie I got more interested. Especially with Loki.

I really liked the story. My friend and I were thinking about the end (we missed that very last scene of the movie where Samuel L. Jackson also appeared) and we were both like 'he HAS to be alive'. He can't just be dead. ^^

So this story is a nice 'could be' thingy. Going to save it to show my friend and for later re-reading. :)

From: [identity profile] sarkywoman.livejournal.com

You mean the first one you've read? I know a bit about Norse myth, enough to play around and get some in-jokes, but not enough that I can avoid doing more research for any in-depth fic.

Balder is the God of light and goodness. In Norse myth he doesn't do much, is just beloved by everyone except Loki then gets killed by Loki's scheming. In Marvel he's a warrior, though he spent some time as a pacifist, and he is King of Asgard for a time (with Loki as advisor).

From: [identity profile] gennfa.livejournal.com

*lol* Yeah. I meant read. Not written. I do not write anything. I don't have talent. ^^
I'm a total n00b if it comes to norse myth. I only know Odin, Thor and Loki. And Loki only beacuse of Supernatural's Trickster. *lol*

Thank you for the info on Balder. I might get some book/s about it if I can manage to save some money. ^^

From: [identity profile] sarkywoman.livejournal.com

I'm currently working on an SPN fic dealing with Norse myth, specifically the Ragnarok (which is like the Norse Apocalypse). I'm consulting wikipedia a lot, lol.

From: [identity profile] lucre-noin.livejournal.com

Don't worry *__* I actually prefer to read PG13-things (max: R) because I'm a bit embarassed by hard nc17 XD

From: [identity profile] sarkywoman.livejournal.com

That's a relief! I was writing it thinking, "Damn, this is gen."
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From: [identity profile] korilian.livejournal.com

“Come with me,” Balder pleads, holding out an imploring hand. “We will find a way to soothe your troubled mind. You are not the first god to fall to malice.”

Loki twists his wrists in a movement too deft for Balder to follow, then is free of his cuffs. He reaches out and takes Balder’s hand, lets himself be pulled to his feet. Once there, he is deep in Balder’s personal space, leaning in further to whisper in the brave god’s sensitive ear.

“I will be the worst though.”



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