The Gibbs/DiNozzo list over at the The Kink Meme was becoming rather lengthy, so I have split it into a separate post.
Fics for other pairings written for the Kink Meme
Unfilled prompts

Jethro Gibbs/Tony DiNozzo
Gibbs is Tony's slave 24/7 by [ profile] foreverpadfoot
Spreader Bars by [ profile] foreverpadfoot
Tony gets a figging by [ profile] foreverpadfoot
Gibbs finds out after giving into slightly underaged Tony's advances that it was Tony's dad who forced Tony to do so. by [ profile] rose_malmaison
Fairytale Gone Bad by [ profile] lupoannaro
Pole-dancer Tony.
Tony sucks his thumb by [ profile] hellesofbelles
AU with Tony as a football player
Tony's a sleepy hedonist by [ profile] hellesofbelles
How Tony got Gibbs' medals by [ profile] gympisshort
They make an odd couple, the hardened ex-Marine and the playboy by [ profile] cinderella81

Fuck me like you hate me by [ profile] sunnyd_lite
Tony in drag undercover by [ profile] cinderella81
Dom!Gibbs/brattysub!Tony, eyes on me, Pet, or else by [ profile] sinfulslasher
Laundry duty by [ profile] fruityahren
Toppy!Gibbs/DiNozzo, watersports
AU Cop!Gibbs/Criminal!Tony
Rimming by [ profile] sexycazzy
Caught on camera by [ profile] cinderella81
toppy!Gibbs/DiNozzo, tattoo by [ profile] cinderella81
Slave auction by [ profile] cinderella81
Gibbs goes to a Club looking for someone to top him and masked!Tony finds him by [ profile] sexycazzy
Ari/Tony, non-con (and bonus angry!Gibbs) by [ profile] cinderella81
Glasses by [ profile] cinderella81
Charity slave auction
Camera in the elevator
Tony gets a damned good seeing to over Vance's desk by [ profile] martinius
Gibbs/girl!Tony 'wanna take me for a ride, boss?'
Gibbs dreams Tony's a girl by [ profile] derrumtreiber
Tony screws up and gets a spanking in the elevator by [ profile] sexycazzy
Orgasm without touching by [ profile] taylorgibbs
Puppy play by [ profile] azure_chaos
Gibbs cuts Tony's hair by [ profile] martinius
Kidnapper!Gibbs/richbrat!DiNozzo by [ profile] sarkywoman
Gibbs decides its time to show everyone just how pretty a leather clad, collared and leashed Tony looks by [ profile] cinderella81
Aphrodisiac attack on NCIS by [ profile] cinderella81
Shaved headed Tony, first time by [ profile] cinderella81
Prostitution/being paid for sex by [ profile] cinderella81
Phone sex by [ profile] cinderella81 and [ profile] sarkywoman
DomGibbs punishes subTony for masturbating although he was forbidden to
Matchmaker!Abby sets the boys up by [ profile] cinderella81
Napping by [ profile] cinderella81
Tony has a sexuality epiphany and starts flirting with men by [ profile] cinderella81 and [ profile] sarkywoman
Kate phones in the middle of 'business' by [ profile] weird_fin
Sleeping Beauty crossed with NCIS by [ profile] sarkywoman
Sex in a nightclub by [ profile] sexycazzy
Tony being drugged and auctioned as a sex slave by [ profile] cinderella81
Tony's sent into 'heat' by some weird toxin by [ profile] cinderella81 and [ profile] sarkywoman
Gibbs wakes up as a woman by [ profile] tinlizzie82
Tony sunbathing by [ profile] cinderella81
Taking their kids trick or treating by [ profile] azure_chaos
Dom!Tony/Sub!Gibbs Their relationship at home is nothing like their relationship at work by [ profile] sexycazzy
Tony smokes pot in Gibbs' house by [ profile] kitrina23
Sleepy Tony is fucked by horny Gibbs by [ profile] kitrina23
Fisting by [ profile] sg_slasher
Tony is jealous of Gibbs and Callen by [ profile] kateri_e
Gibbs gets Tony a dodgy Xmas present by [ profile] tinlizzie82
Tony gets a puppy by [ profile] cinderella81
NCIS as a brothel by [ profile] cinderella81 and [ profile] sarkywoman
Gibbs as rich boy Tony's bodyguard
Feline Tony goes into his annual heat by [ profile] cinderella81 and [ profile] sarkywoman
Tony loves bottoming for Gibbs
Gibbs beats Tony in close-combat sparring and it leads to more
Fornell marks Tony where Gibbs can see
Everyone's-a-Werewolf AU, Gibbs wants to claim Tony as his Mate by [ profile] sarkywoman and [ profile] cinderella81
NCIS with superpowers by [ profile] tinlizzie82
Gibbs wooing an oblivious Tony with gifts by [ profile] skellig8
Super-powered NCIS Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Epilogue a Epilogue b by [ profile] skellig8
Ice-cream and sex by [ profile] sarkywoman and [ profile] cinderella81
Unrequited love by [ profile] unstoppablefrce
'Chained' AU where Jeffrey rapes Tony by [ profile] sarkywoman
Learning patience
Tony's stuck in the stairs
Tony gets a spanking by [ profile] hellesofbelles
After 'Flesh and Blood', 'daddy' makes it better.
Puppy!DiNozzo's bathtime by [ profile] hellesofbelles
Sleepy!Tony fucked by Gibbs by [ profile] hellesofbelles
Tony's plug vibrates every time he flirts by [ profile] hellesofbelles
Gibbs spanks Tony, who doesn't take it like punishment by [ profile] kateri_e
Undercover Tony in Marine blues by [ profile] cinderella81
Gibbs/Waiter!Tony by [ profile] skellig8
Gibbs gets hurt and cranky. Tony takes it like an angel by [ profile] skellig8
Tony riding Gibbs in a cowboy hat by [ profile] skellig8
Verbal humiliation by [ profile] rainbow_romeo
Tender photo fic by [ profile] skellig8
Toni's pregnant, Gibbs is in a coma by [ profile] cinderella81
Gibbs comforting Tony at the end of Season 5 by [ profile] cinderella81
Gibbs cheats on Tony by [ profile] skellig8
Tony rides Gibbs in a cowboy hate by [ profile] kitrina23

From: [identity profile]

Thanks for the effort of creating this master list. It really helps.

From: [identity profile]

You're very welcome, thanks for the gratitude! I'm a little behind with the unfilled prompts list, but I will get round to it at some point.


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