Summary: An unremarkable man is surprised to find shelter from the rain with Tony Stark himself.
Pairing: Tony/Loki
For: Liz
Note: My first entry crossposted to LJ from Dreamwidth. Let's hope I do this right...

Shelter from the Storm )
Summary: When the world is at risk, Loki finds the time to clear up Tony's misconception about magic.
Pairing: Tony/Loki
For: [ profile] misaki_kaito
Note: I am so sorry these are taking so long. It's been a rough couple of months and creativity has taken a beating.

Science = Magic )
Summary: Sam is studying angels in the wild. Dean seems to draw them out.
Warnings: Ends before any of the good stuff?
Pairing: Castiel/Dean, hints of other angels wanting Dean
For: Sara

Angelic Catnip )
Warnings: my first Community fic (finally my icon is appropriate!)
Pairing: Abed/Jeff
Summary: Abed worries he may have made Jeff uncomfortable in their Dungeons and Dragons game. They confront the issue with more roleplay.
For: Concurcubine

(Also, embarrassingly, I have already exhausted the fics I had pre-written. I have been unspeakably rubbish this year, creatively speaking. I promise I am trying very hard to get at least one posted a day. I have started all the prompts. It's just a case of reining them in to be shorter stories than they want to be.)

D&D )
Warnings: established consensual incestuous relationship
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Summary: Sam and Dean are having a surprisingly peaceful few days, but Dean can't find his ring.
For: [ profile] no_ones_sleep

Dean's Ring )
Warnings: A hint of angst
Pairings: Gen, but Thor/Loki if you're so inclined.
Summary: Thor turns up one night in Loki's chamber after an upsetting vision.
For: [ profile] mahmfic

Stargazing )
Warnings: dark!Cas, incest, consent issues, mind control, angst
Pairings: Castiel/Dean, Sam/Dean, mentions of Sam/Ruby
Summary: Castiel knows what love is to angels – a purity of intent, a warmth and a desire for intimacy. Observing humans quickly teaches him that this is not how they translate it. He learns from them. He learns well.
For: [ profile] nox_wicked

Anything You Say )


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