I now have 13 adverts on my friends page. Thirteen. Given the current direction of LJ and the negligence of the people running it, I think I shall be moving to Dreamwidth very soon.


At the moment my journal there is just an imported copy of what's here, but I think that soon it will be my primary place of posting.

And here is my AO3 account, where I hope to post more.

Now I need to get back to working on those advents. So little time! At this rate it'll be pancake day before everyone's received their fic!

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I didn't resubscribe because I'm not happy with the changes they were making, even to the paid accounts, regarding things like layouts. It turns out that won't matter for long, as LJ are getting rid of paid accounts later this year and implementing a 'pay for add-ons' system.

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If you look at the comments on various LJ update posts over the past few months you'll find people asking about of worrying issues and trends in the changes made to LJ. They never get a response, which is a rather damning indication of the way this site is going.

Basically, since LJ was sold on, they have eliminated their American base entirely and they're now seeking to engineer the site towards the needs of the Russian market, which means a heavier focus on social media and a casual blogging interface more like Tumblr. (Which obviously, people don't want.)

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I've got an account on both AO3 and Dreamwidth, feel free to add me, it's MoonbeamDancer on both.

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Yeah, I'm still figuring AO3 out myself, but so far it's been fun. :)


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