The last couple of years on Livejournal I have done my best to provide fanfic advent calendars based on prompts. You simply comment on this entry ( or message me on my Tumblr if you'd prefer, with a fandom, pairing and prompt. But the prompt must be short! Ideally no longer than three words! I will write the 24 or 25 that suit me best (so I'd advise against overly challenging ideas or random word combos). Please don't prompt more than once, as in the interests of fairness I will only be taking one prompt per person. No anons please!

Fandoms: Supernatural, Community, Marvel, HIMYM

Pairings: Castiel/Dean Winchester, Steve Rogers/Loki, Jeff Winger/anyone, Wolverine/Deadpool, Clint Barton/Loki, Tony Stark/Loki, Ted/Barney, Sam Winchester/Dean, Crowley/Dean, Alastair/Dean

Prompts: Could be one word like 'winter' or could be something like 'making him jealous'. I only ask that they be short.


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