I am cutting it damn fine getting this in on time!
Pairings/Characters: OMC/Dean, Castiel/Dean, Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer, OMC
Warnings: Mild angst, violence, OMC/Dean, jealous!Cas, some bondage
Spoilers: Early Season Five
Prompt: 36. Case-fic where they have to work together with Dean's Ex-boyfriend. Sam's surprised, Bobby doesn't say anything and Cas is...a very unhappy angel of the Lord. In whole case investigation Cas goes very territorial and alpha-male over Dean. How far I actually met this is open to interpretation, I guess, but I tried my best at including the case-fic aspect!

“You would think with the angels’ interest in making the planet into paradise, that they’d at least lift a finger in the meantime to get rid of some of the damn demons,” Dean grumbled as they made their way down into the basement to check for survivors.

“I am doing my best,” replied Castiel with a hint of reproach.

“Not you, Cas,” Dean explained hurriedly. “I meant the other angels. The dicks. They’re so determined to use me for the ‘greater good’ but won’t do jack-shit in the meantime.” He flicked the light-switch, pleasantly surprised when the lights flickered on in response. Working electricity was normally too much to hope for in a demon den.

“They are very much focused on the bigger picture. They do not understand the value of humanity as you have taught me.”

Dean laughed. “It’s a work in progress. I wouldn’t want to leave you alone with strangers yet.”

“Why would you?” Castiel asked as they split up to search around the large basement that had served the demons as a dungeon. Bodies hung from hooks or were spread across the floor in grotesque patterns.

It did not go unnoticed that Castiel kept looking over at Dean to gauge his emotional state as he was confronted with all these reminders of the Pit. So it was that when Dean gasped in shock, Castiel appeared next to him instantly. “What is it?”

“Tom,” Dean said, rushing over to a man bound by his wrists to a hook in the ceiling. The hunter pressed his fingers to the man’s pulse. “He’s alive. Cas, help me here!”

Without question, Castiel assisted Dean in freeing the man from his restraints and lowering him to the floor. Dean patted the man firmly on his grimy cheek. “Hey Tom. Tom!”

The man coughed slightly, the sound raw and painful. “Sounds like Dean Winchester,” he said in a scratchy voice without opening his eyes. “I went to heaven? Someone must’ve fucked my paperwork up.”

Dean seemed slightly embarrassed, though he could not hide his smile as he shoved the man gently. “Open your eyes, dipshit. I’m not dead and neither are you, though you’re damn lucky. What the hell were you thinking taking on a hunt like this alone?”

The man opened his hazel eyes, blinking a bit at the harsh light of the naked bulb, then grinned at Dean. There was blood at the corner of his mouth where his lip had been split. “I thought I could handle one demon?”

“There were five,” Dean snapped. That number had been a bit of a surprise to him too, but he had brought an angel with him for back-up.

“Well now I know that, obviously.” Tom looked between Dean and Castiel, noticing the angel for the first time. “You and your boyfriend take out all five of them? Colour me impressed.”

As Dean was preoccupied helping Tom sit upright, Castiel thought to save him from allowing the erroneous assumption go unchecked. “We are not boyfriends in the sense that is most often implied by the term.” Letting Tom think they were would only embarrass Dean, who was more sensitive to the perceptions of others than he let on.

“Oh.” Tom smiled. “I just assumed...” He looked at Dean, who was concentrating on checking his acquaintance for injuries. “So you seeing anyone at the moment, sweetheart? Ow!”

Dean smirked and stopped applying pressure to the bruise he had found. “What did you call me?”

“Dean ‘Macho Man’ Winchester, of course. Not a single endearment passed these lips. I know how you feel about them.” There was a pause. “Baby.” Dean stood and pulled Tom roughly to his feet. “Ow!”

“You’re fine. Stop whining.”

Tom swayed slightly on his feet, but did indeed seem mostly unharmed. “It’s this lack of bedside manner that meant we never played doctors and nurses.”

“Quit it,” snapped Dean. He looked around the room and wrinkled his nose at the gore. “Okay, let’s get out of here before we chat.”

“Not exactly the place for a romantic reunion, is it?” Tom quipped dryly.

“We’re not having a romantic reunion,” Dean growled as he helped the man up the stairs. “I just wanna know how you stayed alive when they pretty much pulped everyone else.”

“Oh that’s easy,” replied Tom as the three of them made their way out of the house, past the bodies that had once been demons. Some alive and traumatised from their ordeal, some not so fortunate. “I’m a hunter. These unholy bastards thought I’d know the location of some magic bracelet they’ve been looking for.”

“Magic bracelet?” Dean asked, looking sceptical.

“Yeah, the, uh... Chain of Balam? Balan?”

“Both names are in use,” Castiel said quietly.

“You’ve heard of this, Cas?” Dean asked, curious. The trio had made it out to the car now, and were leaning against it. The fresh night air helped to flush away the putrid stench of the demon dungeon.

“Balam was an angel,” explained Castiel.

“Was?” Tom echoed. “You mean he’s not anymore?”

“Many fell with Lucifer,” Castiel answered quietly.

Dean reached out and patted his shoulder sympathetically. “So what’s the deal with this chain?”

“It possesses a measure of Balam’s tremendous power. He loans it out to humans in deals and they perform deeds in return.”

Dean sighed. “Okay, let’s discuss this as we’re driving away. Only a matter of time before the cops come.” He turned to Tom. “You bring your ride?”

The other hunter shook his head sadly. “I’ve been swiping what I need since my Harley got totalled. Wiped out by one badass poltergeist last year. Tried my best to fix her up but she’s in motorbike heaven now.”

“I do not believe there is a motorbike heaven,” Castiel said to the delusional man.

Tom looked askance at Castiel and asked Dean, “Is he...special? Or something?”

“He’s an angel.” Dean gestured between them. “Tom meet Castiel, angel of the Lord. Cas meet Tom Carter, he’s...”

“An ex-boyfriend,” Tom said, smiling widely as he shook Castiel’s hand. The smile soon vanished. “Ow! Watch your grip, dude!”

Castiel apologised and released the man’s hand. Dean climbed into the driver’s seat of the Impala. Tom made for the front passenger seat, but Castiel appeared there just as the hunter opened the door. “It appears you will have to sit in the back,” Castiel informed Tom.

It didn’t seem to affect the man’s easy grin. “Ha, so I see. Not a problem.”

They got settled and Dean started to drive. “You remember Bobby Singer?” he asked Tom, who was leaning over the back of the driver’s seat.

“Gruff old bastard,” Tom chuckled. “Yeah, I remember him.”

“Me and Sam are staying with him at the minute while we’re researching something big.”

“Yeah, I heard you and Sam are hunting together again. He treating you okay?”

Dean laughed. “He’s my brother, Tom, what the fuck are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about his tendency to walk out on you when times get hard.”

Castiel saw the sudden clench of Dean’s jaw. “That was a long time ago now. Things have changed. We’re dealing with a lot.”

“Heard a little bit about that too,” Tom said hesitantly. “Word on the street is you and your brother are deep in the middle of an Apocalypse. I didn’t like to believe it but...” In the rear view mirror, Castiel saw Tom’s gaze slide over to him.

“Yeah, it’s all gotten a bit bigger than what we’re used to,” Dean answered with a sigh. “Angels and demons and end of the world. Anyway,” he seemed eager to change the subject. “This Chain of Balam. What is it, where is it, and why do the demons want it? Surely if Balam’s fallen they’re on the same side.”

“There is often dissent within the ranks,” Castiel replied. “You should know that better than most by now. These demons may not be favoured by Balam and the Chain possesses immense power. It does not surprise me that anyone would want to get their hands on it.”

“Right, so where is it?” Dean glanced back towards his friend. “Tom? You said they thought you’d know.”

“Not a clue,” the hunter replied. “I think they assumed just because I’m a hunter that I’m some sort of font of knowledge.” Both hunters laughed at that, though Castiel did not understand the humour. “From what they were saying though, it sounds like some human’s got it now. Balam loaned it out pretty recently in exchange for service.”

“Why would he need humans to help him with anything?” Dean asked Castiel. “I mean, he’s just gotta find his meat-suit and nag it into submission, right?”

“Meat-suit?” Tom queried. Dean and Castiel ignored him.

“Balam does not like to get his hands dirty,” Castiel explained. “He feels his power is best used to guide others. He considers himself the King in a game of chess, using pawns to take out his enemies while staying far away from the fight.”

“So he’s a pussy,” Dean paraphrased.

But Cas shook his head. “He is not cowardly. He merely thinks himself above direct interference.”

“So he loans out this bracelet and gets mortals to do his dirty work for him. Then what, they have to give it back? Couldn’t they renege on the deal?”

“The Chain remains with the mortal for the time agreed upon with Balam. But the Chain will begin to burn if the mortal is not endeavouring to uphold their end of the bargain.”

“It’s like a cursed item,” Tom realised out loud. “They have this awesome present but it burns unless they work for it.”

“Precisely,” Castiel agreed. “Once they have fulfilled their task they can then enjoy the benefits of the Chain until it returns to Balam.”

“So are we interested?” Dean asked. “I mean, we’ve got an apocalypse to deal with, Cas. We could leave Tom to his little treasure hunt if nobody’s in immediate danger.”

For a moment, Castiel said nothing. Then he responded in a quiet but serious voice. “Balam is a terrible and powerful king. When in possession of his Chain he is equal in power to Archangels. He bears no compassion for humanity or even a passing interest. If called to battle, he will destroy indiscriminately until Archangels join forces to put him down.”

“Sounds epic,” drawled Tom, who was again leaning over Dean’s seat to the point that he could touch Dean’s hair with his nose.

“Okay, so he’s a badass. How can we do anything about that?”

“Because wielding Balam’s Chain, even an ordinary mortal might best him.”

Dean turned his head slightly to look back at Tom. The movement almost brought their faces into contact, the man was so close. “Looks like we’re hunting together again.”

The statement and Tom’s resultant smile made Castiel feel unpleasant, though he could find no logical reason why that might be the case.


The first thing Bobby said about seeing the new guest in his home was, “Aw hell, I thought you were dead.”

Tom just smiled widely. “Bobby, always a pleasure.”

Sam looked up from his books. “Uh, who’s this?”

“Tom Carter,” Bobby replied. “He’s a hunter. Not a particularly good one.”

“Hey now, that’s harsh,” Tom said, feigning hurt.

“He was also Dean’s boyfriend at one point,” Castiel added for further clarification.

Sam laughed. “What?”

“I said he was also Dean’s boyfriend at one point,” Cas repeated.

Dean wasn’t meeting anyone’s eyes. Neither was Bobby. Tom, however, was watching Sam’s face with glee, eagerly anticipating his reaction. “Basically there was a time when I was nailing your brother,” he elaborated.

There was a heavy silence. It was eventually broken by Bobby muttering, “You always did know how to pick ‘em.” Then he seemed to remember something, fire filling his voice as he went on to say, “besides, I thought I told you never to bring him back here!”

“You date guys?” Sam said, still stunned from that revelation. “You? Dean?”

Dean rolled his eyes and nudged Tom. “As you can see, Sam’s college education really paid off.”

“Yeah, it’s amazing watching him slowly join those dots,” Tom agreed.

“Hey, don’t you ignore me!” Bobby snapped from his wheelchair. “Why is he here?”

Dean raised his hands in a pacifying manner that did nothing to calm Bobby. “He stumbled across an interesting hunt. You know anything about the Chain of Balam?”

Bobby shook his head, frowning. Sam’s shock cleared long enough to say, “Isn’t Balam a fallen angel?”

“Yeah, real nasty son of a bitch from the sounds of things,” Dean replied. “Anyway, he’s currently lent out his powerful jewellery and if we can get hold of it before it’s transferred from his owner back to Balam, he won’t be a threat in the Apocalypse.” He turned to Cas. “That’s right, right?”

The angel nodded. “That is correct. Once the Chain of Balam is held by someone other than the deal-holder, it will not return to Balam’s possession through the usual means.”

“But we still don’t have a clue where it might be,” Dean pointed out.

“Well let’s hit the books,” Bobby said, wheeling over to his bookshelf. “We find out more about the Chain itself and it might give us a clue as to what sort of signs we’ll find around it. Can’t normally wield power like that without side effects.”

“Books,” Tom stated without enthusiasm from where he lounged on the sofa. “Not really my kinda research.”

“You struggle with anything beyond a Google search,” Dean said with a grin.

“You don’t need more than a Google search,” Tom argued. “You figure out who’s gonna know the most about something, then you go and talk to them about it and they tell you about the books they’ve read. No reading required.”

“And who’s going to know about the Chain of Balam, seriously?” Dean asked, taking the book Castiel handed to him. “Cas? Don’t you have any more info on it from personal experience?”

“I am afraid not, Dean. Balam was somewhat superior to me. We moved in different circles and his ways were mysterious to me. Then he fell. It ceased to be any of my business.”

“You guys know any artefact brokers?” Tom asked. “They’re normally the best when it comes to hunting supernatural trinkets.”

“We knew one,” Dean answered, thinking of Bela. “But she died.”

Tom’s grin widened. The man was a Cheshire Cat, always grinning. “All the better. Means we won’t have to pay her.”


All this time and Bela’s villa remained intact, abandoned and protected by dozens of high-tech security measures. Though Dean was unsure that any of the alarms would alert anyone interesting he still took the time to disable them. Tom whined impatiently, but it wasn’t long before both men were sneaking in through the door at the dead of night, shining torches around the luxuriously furnished home.

“I love how it feels like grave-robbing,” Tom murmured as they crept through the hallway.

“Why is there still so much shit here?” Dean asked as the beam of his torch fell on an ancient hoodoo vase. “Would have expected this place would be picked dry by now.”

“Ah, young padawan, you still have so much to learn,” Tom said with a chuckle. “Nobody ransacks a broker’s house. All the security, both mundane and occult... not to mention the likelihood of cursed objects, deadly spells and magical weapons. You’d have to be batshit insane to even think about robbing a dead broker.”

“So why are we here?” Dean asked, flashing his torch into the rooms they passed.

“Batshit insane,” Tom repeated.

“Do you even know what we’re looking for?” Dean asked, following his friend around Bela’s old home in the dark.

“Brokers always keep track of supernatural beings who trade or possess fancy items they want,” explained Tom. “They keep records either on a computer or in a filing cabinet or written on basement walls in blood... At any rate, there are records. I’m betting Bela would have kept track of Balam’s Chain.”

“But wouldn’t her records be out of date now?” Dean asked as he stepped over a rug with a devil’s trap pattern stitched into it.

“Doesn’t matter,” Tom said with a shrug. “She’ll have locations, rituals, omens of Balam if she’s ever been interested in the Chain at all. Enough info to give us a headstart on looking for the sucker who’s doing Balam’s dirty work now. Like I said, it’s all about the secondary sources. Don’t read books, find someone who’s read ‘em. And what’s the deal with you and that angel guy?”

“What?” The change in conversational direction was so sudden it almost gave Dean whiplash. “Cas? What do you mean, what’s the deal? He’s an angel who actually knows right from wrong and he’s helping us stop the Apocalypse.”

“Checking out your ass as he does it,” muttered Tom as he prowled through the rooms of priceless objects.


“Nothin’, nothin’. Oh hey, what’s this?” The unnerving conversation was brought to an abrupt halt as Tom knelt down by an antique table and pulled at a thin book wedged beneath the leg. After tugging for a while, he worked the paperback free and flicked through the pages before grinning up at Dean. “Oh babe, I am so good.”

“Hidden in plain sight,” Dean observed. “What does it say?”

“A shitload about deals made, broken, etcetera. This is what we were after.”

“Okay, great. Let’s go.”

Dean turned to leave, but Tom grabbed his arm. “Not yet. There’s something else I want.”

Perplexed, Dean stared at his friend in the dark. “What?”

Tom grabbed hold of his other arm and backed Dean up against the wall. “You,” he whispered.

Dean burst out laughing. “Dude, seriously? Has that ever worked? ‘Cause if it had then- mmf!”

It was difficult to mock while caught in a lip-lock. Below the belt technique, but it won Dean over, along with the techniques that were literally below the belt.

It was weird, but he felt sort of like he shouldn’t be letting Tom so close. But when he looked at that feeling for a moment he thought, well, why the hell not?

He was on his back on the thick beige carpet with Tom familiarising himself with the territory again when his phone rang.

“Who is it?” Tom asked Dean’s neck before biting at the skin.

Dean struggled to coordinate himself enough to reach his jeans and then fish the phone out of his pocket. He stared fuzzily at the screen as Tom reminded him how great the sex got once you knew someone long enough for them to know all your buttons. “Cas,” he gasped as Tom’s lips closed around a nipple.

“On the phone?” Tom asked, then without waiting for an answer. “Answer it.”

“I...” Dean lost his sentence in a pleasured groan then tried again. “I can wait.”

“Don’t wait,” Tom said. “Could be important.”

“Well stop the-en...” Dean whispered, his last word broken by a hitched breath as Tom did wonderful, wonderful things with his dextrous fingers.

“Nope. Answer it.” Seeing Dean wouldn’t co-operate, Tom snatched the phone with his free hand and silenced the tinny rock music with a press of his thumb. Then he put it to his ear.

“Hello?” he answered calmly, as though Dean wasn’t falling apart beneath him.

“Castiel, hey.” He shot a truly wicked grin at Dean.

“Nah, he’s busy right now.” A twist and bend of the fingers had Dean’s toes curling.

“Well if you must know...”

Dean blinked the haze away for a moment. “Tom, don’t you dare.”

“...I’m getting him ready to take my cock.”

“You motherfucker,” Dean snapped, anger morphing almost immediately into shame as he realised he was still writhing against those clever fingers.

Tom was listening to the phone with a bemused expression. “Mmm-hm, well that’s fascinating. I’ll let you know when we’re done.” Then he hung up and threw the phone across the carpet, immediately using his newly-free arm to pull Dean closer.

“I’m gonna kick your ass for that you son of a bitch,” Dean growled. At least, he liked to think it was a growl. With the way Tom licked along his cock, chances were it was a mewl or a groan.

“Whatever. I’m gonna fuck yours first,” Tom grinned.

Then he slid in to the hilt, like the last four years had never been, and Dean put the argument aside for a while.


“I do not begrudge Dean his physical pleasures,” Castiel said as he paced back and forth across Bobby’s study.

The aging hunter looked up from his books. Castiel was making it difficult to concentrate. “Yeah, we heard you the first twenty times.”

That made the angel stop in his tracks and cock his head confusedly at Bobby. “I do not see how that is possible. I have only said it four times.”

“Oh really?” Bobby said with sarcastic cheer. “My mistake.”

Castiel resumed his pacing. “I do not want Dean thinking that my displeasure is due to his choice to frolic with his friend.”

“Then what is it due to?” Sam asked, reading his book. They hadn’t found anything useful yet and Castiel was hardly helping.

“His timing. We have a matter of great import to deal with and he is wasting time with that... that... man,” Cas finished lamely.

“Don’t remind me,” Sam said. “I can’t even get my head around the idea of a gay Dean.”

“I don’t think he’s gay, Sam,” Bobby said. “Think he just ain’t fussy. And...between us...” he hesitated awkwardly. “Dean has a tendency to, uh, cling to the men in his life. When they’re not around, he finds others. Tom was on the scene just after you’d gone to Stanford and John set Dean hunting on his own. I didn’t like him even then.”

“I’m guessing this is before your fight with Dad?” Sam asked.

“Yeah. Dean brought that son-of-a-bitch round here once and I couldn’t stand him. Cocky, stupid, greedy and reckless. Can’t even say his heart’s in the right place.”

Castiel interjected, blue eyes wide. “Then where is his heart?”

“It’s a saying, ya idjit. Means he probably doesn’t have the best of intentions. He hunts for the thrill. There’s some people in this gig just because they can’t do anything but kill.”

“Think sometimes me and Dean fall into that category,” Sam muttered.

“You don’t,” Castiel said firmly. “Dean... I am less certain. But there is no shame in being a devoted warrior for the light.”

It was then, as Bobby and Sam were rolling their eyes at the blatant adoration in the angel’s voice, that the front door opened.

“Ladies, the men are back from work!” called Tom. “Put those books away and make us some sandwiches!”

Bobby made a sound of disgust and wheeled towards the hallway. “You boys find anything useful or was this just a ruse for some alone time?”

Dean flushed slightly and held out a book to them. “Bela’s little book of bargains. You’d think she was a crossroads demon, the way she keeps track of this stuff.”

“Let’s have a look at this,” Bobby muttered, taking the book and heading back into his study. Sam followed, leaving Castiel stood with Dean and Tom in the hallway. He could sense their recent connection, the meeting of souls that... no. Wait. He could sense that their bond had been emotionally one-sided, though he could not perceive in which direction.

“I need to speak with you,” the angel said to Dean.

“This should be good,” grinned Tom.

“I think he means privately,” Dean said, nudging the other hunter. “Go see if you can help Bobby and Sam with that book.”

“Pfft, fuck that,” Tom snarked. “I’m getting me a sandwich.” And he stomped off to raid Bobby’s kitchen.

Dean sighed and turned back to Cas. “What’s up?”

“I am...displeased with your decision to fornicate with this Tom Carter.”

“You are?” Dean didn’t seem as indignant or angry as Castiel had expected him to be. He simply seemed surprised.

“Yes. I ask that you do not do it again.”

Dean’s lips quirked up into a smirk. “Yeah? And why’s that?”

Castiel knew he could not say that it made him uncomfortable. That would hardly be a compelling or appropriate reason. Dean would respond poorly, perhaps even going so far as to seek out Tom for further fornication. So Castiel replied, “We do not have the time to indulge your vices. We must find the Chain of Balam.”

The faint smile vanished from Dean’s face. “Oh.” He turned away, looking dejected, then seemed to change his mind and whirled back with fury in his features. “You know what? Screw you, Cas. I never stop fighting, I’m always stuck in the middle of this apocalypse shit and if I want to feel more like a lover than a fighter once in a while I am damn well entitled!”

Then he turned away again and stormed off to the kitchen. Castiel returned to the study, where Bobby and Sam were determined to look as though they had not been eavesdropping.


That night, Tom wandered downstairs and out into the darkness of the yard. He looked around and, seeing he was alone, rolled up his right sleeve. In the dark it was much easier to see the faint glow of the thick silver bracelet wrapped around his wrist. Tentatively he pulled at it, hissing in pain when it tugged at the skin it had burned its way into.

“Motherfucker. I’m doing it, alright? You can see I’m fucking doing it so quit trying to burn through my wrist!”

The glow of the chain faded a little and Tom was able to painfully pry the searing hot metal away from his branded flesh.

“Thank you,” he snapped at the sky. He pulled the bracelet off of his right wrist and wrapped it around his unblemished left. “Let’s go for some symmetry, you son of a bitch.”

Then Tom walked over to Dean’s car. It didn’t take long to work the trunk open and once he had flipped up the false inside there was barely any searching before he found what he was looking for, a small collection of little glass vials. He pocketed a couple, then tipped the contents of the rest out onto the floor, refilling them with the water bottle Dean kept in the trunk. He put everything back and slammed the trunk shut before returning to the house. Bobby wasn’t keen on him staying there, but Dean had offered to share the guest room. Apparently Castiel had taken to sitting at the end of his bed through the night, but Dean had sent him downstairs like kicking a dog out of the bedroom. It made Tom chuckle just to think about it.

Walking back into the house, the dejected little puppy was waiting for him, arms folded, blue eyes blazing. “What were you doing?” Castiel asked.

“That is so none of your business, angel-face,” Tom said lightly, trying to squeeze past the angel through the doorway.

But Castiel was not letting him through. “I do not trust you, Tom Carter. If you engage in mysterious acts in the middle of the night, expect me to question you about them. I care for Dean too much to allow you to endanger or harm him.”

“D’aww, that’s cute,” cooed Tom. “It must just tear you up inside that he’d rather have me in bed with him.”

Castiel’s jaw clenched. “What were you doing outside?” he asked again.

“Doesn’t it make you mad?” Tom said, still picking at the wound. “Dean is so lovely, and I’m sure he owes you more than me. But I’m the one who gets to have him, who gets to see him come undone, gets to fuck him, spend myself in him...”

His boasts came to an abrupt halt as Castiel grabbed him by the neck with one hand and slammed him up against the wall. “You will stop talking!” The angel snarled.


At the sound of Dean’s voice, the angel’s eyes widened and his grip loosened enough to drop Tom to the floor.

Dean came running down the stairs, clearly having glimpsed some of the confrontation. “What the fuck, Cas?” He asked as he pulled Tom up to his feet. “Tom, you okay?”

“Yeah, I was just checking the salt lines. You know how I get about the salt lines.”

Dean nodded with an awkward smile. “Yeah, your random OCD. I remember.”

Castiel felt the need to interject. “Dean, I do not believe he was...”

A raised hand from Dean stopped the angel in his tracks. “I don’t want to hear it. It’s the middle of the night; I’m too tired for your bullshit. Me and Tom are going to bed. I’ll talk to you in the morning.”

Dean climbed the stairs, gripping Tom’s shirt to tug him along. The latter turned and winked at Cas as they left.

Castiel sat on the bottom step and waited for the morning, trying not to imagine the things Tom had so crudely spoken of. Trying not to listen to the sounds of pleasure when they began.


It was weird. Dean found this thing he had going on with Tom wasn’t simply a case of rekindling a flame. It was more like pouring petrol on it. Back in the day he and Tom hadn’t been serious. They had been a pair of hunters who fucked. He remembered Bobby had been all concerned that Tom was taking advantage of him or some shit, but as messed up as Dean had been after Sam abandoned the family, he hadn’t been above using Tom for a bit of physical comfort. If anyone was a manipulative bastard in that relationship, it had been him.

But now, everything seemed different. Tom seemed different. He was funnier, smarter, gentler than Dean remembered. Maybe he had been too caught up in himself to appreciate the guy the first time round. He wasn’t falling in love with him or anything, but he was starting to think it might be cool to carry on hunting with him for a while.

And the sex, oh man the sex! Dean wasn’t normally much of a screamer but he was embarrassing himself with the noises Tom was drawing out of him. No doubt about it, Tom had learned a lot in the years since they had seen each other and Dean was pretty damn impressed.

Laying in his arms afterwards was a little soppy and chick-flick, but he was comfy. Besides, if he closed his eyes he could pretend it was Cas.


“You alright?” Bobby asked Castiel the next morning while frying up breakfast. The last thing they needed was their most powerful ally going smite-happy because of jealousy.

“I am well, thank you,” Castiel replied tonelessly.

“I s’pose the noise wouldn’t have bothered you, would it?” Bobby said, approaching the subject subtly. “What with you not sleeping and all.”

“It bothered me,” Castiel said tersely.

“Oh? Why’s that?” Bobby asked innocently as he shifted the frying pan off of the hob. It wasn’t easy to get around the kitchen in his wheelchair, but he’d be damned if he was going to ask for help cooking his own breakfast!

“Dean trusts that man more than he should.”

Bobby scraped his greasy breakfast onto a plate. “Well I agree with you there. But he won’t listen to us, not while there’s sex in the mix.”

Castiel’s lip turned up as he actually snarled. It was the angriest Bobby had seen him and it served as a discomforting reminder that this naive man was actually one of God’s holy warriors. “Dean is too valuable to be pawed at by some third-rate human hunter.”

It was actually endearing, how obvious Cas’ emotions were. “Sounds like you’re a little jealous.”

The angel’s eyes widened with alarm. “That is ridiculous.”

“Is it?” Bobby asked as he wheeled himself to the table with his breakfast.

“Yes,” Castiel said forcefully.

“Okay then.” Bobby let it lie. He didn’t fancy getting his ass kicked by an angel before he’d even eaten his bacon.

“Have you found anything useful in Bela’s records yet?”

“Nah, not yet,” Bobby replied, tucking into his bacon. “She’s written her records in some obscure shorthand and they’re not in any order that we can figure out. That was probably her intention, though. She always was bloody-minded like that.”

“We must decipher her notes soon,” Castiel insisted.

“Yeah, yeah, I know, this Balam is bad news.”

“Not just that, but once we have dealt with this, Tom Carter need no longer hunt with us.”

Bobby paused mid-chew and stared at the angel before swallowing his food down. “And you’re trying to tell me you’re not jealous.”

Castiel stared back calmly. “I have no idea what you’re referring to.”

As soon as they heard two pairs of footsteps coming down the stairs, Castiel vanished away.


It wasn’t a new trick to pretend to be researching a case while actually getting laid. Dean had been doing it since he lost his virginity. Dad and Sammy never did guess unless he made it obvious. But one thing Dean wasn’t used to was skipping out on a case over and over again with the same person. It was nice to have that consistency, to be able to dress up like FBI, interview a couple of people, then screw in the back of the Impala, and lay together afterwards discussing the hunt.

“I’m surprised so many of the people who dealt with Balam are alive,” Dean said as Tom ran his fingers up and down the hunter’s naked back.

“Why?” Tom asked. They were parked in a pretty secluded part of the woods, but Dean knew they’d have to get dressed and move on soon. “He isn’t a crossroads demon, he’s got no interest in dragging these sorry bastards off to hell. He lent them the chain, they did a job for him, then they got to play with the chain a while. To be honest, he sounds like a reasonably stand-up guy for a fallen angel.”

“That’s what they want you to think,” Dean said glumly.

“What about yours? Castiel?”

“Cas isn’t fallen,” Dean replied.

“He isn’t?” Tom asked, surprised. “Wow. I thought for sure he was.”

Dean pushed himself up to look down at his...whatever the hell Tom was to him. “What had you thinking that?”

Tom shrugged as well as he could while squished between Dean and the car door. “He just seems a little...unhinged. Seems to think you’re his little hunter bitch and I’m kinda worried he’s going to kill me just to get rid of my distracting ass.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Dean said, waving off the concerns.

“Dude, I’m being perfectly serious. If I disappear, it’s because I got smote.”

Dean laughed and climbed off of Tom’s warm body. “Come on, dude. We gotta move. Sam’ll want at least one bit of info.”


Sam was dreaming. At least, he hoped he was, or a complete stranger had just wandered into Bobby’s home and sat down across from him in the study. The man was on the far side of middle-age, dark hair turning grey, but a sharpness to his dark eyes that made Sam suspect there was something inhuman there.

“Sam Winchester,” the man greeted him formally with a hint of cordiality. “How goes your reading?”

Sam glanced down at the book in front of him. The pages were blank. “Uh...it was going better when I was awake, I have to say.”

The man smiled, but there was no real mirth in it. He was being polite. “But I assume you have found little.”

“Who are you?” Sam asked, patience wearing thin.

“I am Balam,” the man replied regally, holding his head high.

“Huh. And here I thought you didn’t like to get so involved.”

The fallen angel sighed, leaning back in his chair. “It’s true, I prefer to keep my distance. But what is a King to do when his pawns refuse to move how they are instructed? Consider this an endeavour to enlist new pawns, maybe even knights, considering the bravery of you and your brother.”

“You want me and Dean to work for you?” Sam asked, incredulously. What was it with angels thinking they owned the Winchesters?

The man leaned forward again, resting his elbow on the table as he gestured at Sam. “I want you and your brother to succeed in liberating my Chain from its current lender. I want it back.”

“Can’t you just snatch it back with your mojo?” asked Sam.

“Technically, he hasn’t reneged on our deal,” Balam said. “So no. But if you and your brother can bring it back to me I’m sure I can make you both a very compelling offer. You have a lot to deal with, after all. I could perhaps even the odds a little.”

Sam knew better than to make a deal with any supernatural entity. But then, he didn’t have to, did he? He and Dean could procure the Chain and keep it. There wouldn’t need to be a deal with Balam. “So say me and Dean are going to hunt your Chain for you. How can you help exactly?”

Balam’s gaze dropped to the table, specifically to the book in front of Sam. The younger Winchester was startled to find himself doodling a symbol onto the paper. “Show that to Castiel. It is my sigil. He will know how to use it.”

Sam stared at the symbol. “But this is just a dream, I won’t have it when I...”

He looked around the dark and empty room. “...Wake up.”

He had fallen asleep in the study, his head resting on the book of angelic lore he had been studying. By his cheek, scrawled in ink over the ancient text, was the symbol Balam had shown him in his dream.


“Taking advice from the bad guy,” Dean grumbled. “Again. What is wrong with you, Sam?”

“He seemed genuine!” argued the younger brother. “I think he just really wants his Chain back.”

Castiel was stood in the corner of the room, hands shoved into the pockets of his trenchcoat. “But there is no motivation for you to return the chain to him. He knows that, so why suggest such an alliance?”

Tom piped up with, “So you don’t think that symbol is gonna be of any use?”

“That is not what I said,” replied the angel, walking over to the desk where the symbol lay. “I expect with the proper ritual I could use Balam’s sigil to find the Chain in the same way that this amulet will find God.”

“Well other than distrusting Balam,” Bobby asked, “Is there any reason we shouldn’t use it?”

Everyone was silent until Dean spoke up. “Cas, how exactly will this ritual go? Is there any risk in it?”

The angel shrugged slightly, a human gesture he was still perfecting. “I will draw Balam’s sigil on my skin while speaking certain chants to endow the symbol with certain properties. That way I will know instantly if the Chain is in my vicinity. Then we merely need to resume our research until we know the locale where we are likely to find the current holder of the Chain.”

“Oh, is that all,” Sam muttered. “Well that narrows our search down to the whole world.”

Bobby ‘hmm’ed, looking at the symbol again. “Might be that we can concoct some sort of dowsing spell to help us narrow down the field using this sigil, but that could take a while. Probably best Cas does his thing in the meantime.”

“I will begin immediately,” Castiel said with a nod.

Dean stepped forward. “Hang on, Cas. I mean, are we actually trusting this Balam guy? What if the symbol’s a fake or something?”

“Ah, let him try it,” Tom said, slapping a hand on Dean’s shoulder. “He’s a grown angel.”

Cas growled. “Dean was not speaking to you.”

“Whoa, okay,” Tom said, holding his hands up defensively. “Didn’t mean to offend.” He nudged Dean. “You see what I mean? This is exactly what I was talking about earlier.”

Dean was clearly shocked by Castiel’s hostile attitude, if his wide eyes were anything to go by. “Uh, Cas, are you feeling alright?”

“I am fine,” insisted the angel, though he still looked irritated. “But it is ridiculous to debate trusting Balam while this hunter remains in our circle.”

Now Dean looked pissed. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“You should not trust him,” Castiel answered, ignoring Tom’s quiet mumble of “Don’t mind me, guys, just pretend I’m not here.”

Dean looked as though he was tempted to try punching an angel again. “You don’t get to decide who I should trust.”

“Of course not,” Castiel replied. “My judgement is clearly impaired. I risked life and grace to drag an ungrateful soul from Hell, gave up my family and risked my life and grace again in rebellion for that same soul. Clearly I know nothing of trust and loyalty.”

Sam and Bobby shifted awkwardly. The guilt on Dean’s face quickly gave way to defensive anger. “And what exactly did you expect in return? A thank you? Because I’ve thanked you. Thank you, Castiel. There, see? I did it again. What else did you want from me? What did you do it for?”

A moment of heavy, suffocating silence.

“Obviously,” Tom said slowly, “he did it all for the nookie.”

Then Castiel threw him through the window.


“You were being annoying,” Dean said reproachfully as he dabbed at the cut on Tom’s cheekbone. They had retreated up to the guest room with a first aid kit after Castiel had lost his shit.

“Are you saying I deserved this?” Tom asked incredulously.

“No, of course not,” Dean answered as he threw the bloodied antiseptic wipe into the small wastepaper basket. “But Cas isn’t human. I still don’t quite understand what makes him tick. Just when I think we’re making a connection he turns around and says or does something completely random and I realise we’re still on totally different wavelengths.”

“He definitely doesn’t trust me,” Tom said, snaking his hands around Dean’s hips.

Dean laughed. “Yeah, I think we all got that part.”

“You trust me...” Tom murmured. “Right?”

“Sounds like the start of a sex game,” Dean said flippantly because, hey, he wasn’t totally stupid. Tom was a great lay and a pretty good friend but real ‘got-my-back’ trust? They weren’t quite there yet.

“It could be,” the other hunter said with a grin as he tugged Dean into his lap. “I know what you like, babe. Want me to handcuff you to the bed?”

“Only if you promise to stop calling me babe.”

“Done. Now get naked.”

Dean laughed again and climbed off of Tom’s lap so he could strip. Being with Tom was so simple. No seduction necessary. Hell, most of the time they ditched the foreplay. It was refreshingly easy. A guy could get used to having this kind of sex on tap.

Five minutes later Dean was on his back and Tom was clicking metal cuffs around his wrists and the bed-frame. The other hunter had stripped out of everything but the long-sleeved top that clung to his muscular chest and he was straddling Dean with a grin on his face. In his hands he held a long strip of fabric that looked like it was used to tie back Bobby’s curtains.

“You make too much noise,” he said with a smirk as he lay the makeshift gag over Dean’s mouth, wrapped it around once, then tied it behind his head. Dean made an indignant sound but didn’t protest too much. It was only a small step up from other stuff they’d done.

Tom settled back on his heels, looking over Dean’s bound and gagged form appreciatively. “God you look delicious. I’m so glad you trust me enough for this. You wouldn’t let just anybody do this, would you? Have you all trussed up and helpless... I could do anything to you and you’ve pretty much given me permission! Honestly, I think that’s why Balam sought me out for the job, dropped me in that demon den for you to find.”

He stretched up, pulling his top over his head. Dean’s alarmed gaze immediately took in the chain wrapped around his lover’s left wrist, the reddened skin beneath it, and the badly burned ring around his right wrist. He yelled, but couldn’t make himself heard over the gag.

“Sssh,” Tom said, attempting to be soothing as he reached down the side of the bed for his knife. “You’ll go out with a bang, babe. Oh! I promised not to call you that again, didn’t I? Boy, talk about a betrayal of trust!”

Tom laughed as the blade shone above Dean’s body.


Castiel was unfamiliar with embarrassment. He wasn’t even sure he had the capacity to feel it. But the look Dean had sent his way after he assaulted Tom Carter had certainly produced a feeling of shame within him. He couldn’t even explain why he had done it to the furious hunters, only that his patience with Tom Carter had finally worn to nothing. Nobody had ever infuriated him so quickly with so little effort.

He didn’t even know what a ‘nookie’ was. He might ask Sam, when he had the time.

First though, he was intent on this ritual. The sooner they found Balam’s Chain, the sooner Tom Carter could find another hunt to occupy his time. And perhaps if Castiel located the Chain, Dean would be less angry with him.

Chanting in Enochian over the sigil he had drawn onto his arm, Castiel was surprised when the symbol began to burn. He had not expected it to do that at its moment of creation.

When the burn did not fade for several minutes, realisation dawned. The sigil was doing precisely as intended. It had located the Chain of Balam. Due to the limitations of the ritual, that meant the valuable artefact was somewhere within Bobby’s home.

Cas thought of Tom Carter, with his unexplained absences at night, the man determined to distract the Righteous Man with lasciviousness. The man who always wore long sleeves down to his thumbs.

Tom Carter had Balam’s Chain.


“An impressive throw.”

Sam blinked, surprised to find himself sat in Bobby’s study again when he was sure he had gone for a nap on the sofa. Balam was sat across the desk from him again, staring at the broken window, smashed by Tom’s body when Castiel had hurled him angrily across the room.

“Cas is going to use your sigil,” Sam said. “Have you got some other advice?”

Balam smiled slightly, still not looking at Sam. “Not at all. You’ve followed orders to the letter. I am pleased. I promised Lord Lucifer I would keep you out of the mess though, so here we are.”

“What are you talking about?” Sam asked. “What mess?”

The fallen angel said nothing for a few moments and Sam started to think they would be sitting in silence for a long time. “Do you know what I used my Chain for, before I fell?”

“Skipping?” Sam asked sarcastically, frustrated at the lack of answer to his previous question.

Nostalgia warmed Balam’s dark eyes. “I possessed the first goshawk. I wore no falconry glove, merely wrapped the Chain around my wrist and let the bird rest there. It was such a clever thing. I would send it to perform all manner of intricate tasks and it would always return to me.”

“That’s...nice,” Sam said awkwardly.

“It burned in hell when I fell,” and all warmth fled Balam’s face and voice. “I could not replace it, such a brilliant bird. But souls were attracted to the power of the Chain. They came to roost. I would send them to do my bidding and they would always return, just like my dear goshawk. They merely needed to touch the Chain and I would own them for eternity. It wasn’t long before I realised the same was true of souls that had not yet tasted hell. Once a living being touched the Chain, their soul was mine. When they shuffled off this mortal coil their soul would hurtle into Hell to be with me and my Chain. It was a gratifying revelation.”

Sam’s blood ran cold. “You do take their souls. They just don’t know it.”

“Oh, they live as long as they would otherwise,” Balam said with a shrug. “But when they die they resume serving me. It’s the power of the Chain. None can resist it. It’s how I made my army. Even angels can lose their grace to me if they hold the Chain while they’re close enough to falling.”

“Let me wake up,” Sam demanded. “Now.” He had to warn the others before they found the Chain. It would be like the lucky rabbit’s foot again with more dire consequences.

“I told you, Lucifer wants you kept here while my plans come to fruition. You have no place in this scheme. Your role is greater.”

Sam pushed away from the table and stood up, but the sudden movement didn’t wake him and Balam just seemed amused. “When I don’t wake up people are going to do something about it. Dean will send Cas in here and...” It was hard to continue when Balam began to laugh heartily. “What?”

“Dear boy, Dean will be dead! And Castiel will be my fallen slave.”

“No...” Sam shook his head. “Cas isn’t... he’s not fallen enough for his grace to latch onto your Chain. He can’t be.”

“Not yet,” Balam agreed. “But murder is a sin. Killing a human out of vengeance, hate or jealousy, that is a sure way to fall. And Castiel hates Tom so much already, how will he respond if Tom kills your brother? He will lose his mind. His grace will follow. He will slay the human hunter without a thought and then he will pick up the Chain. Then he is mine. I had hoped Tom could provide enough provocation without necessitating the killing of your brother, but the angel was not quite jealous enough. Never mind, this plan is still adequate.”

Sam began frantically pinching his arm in an attempt to wake up. Balam chuckled to himself.


Tom pressed a kiss to the taut skin of Dean’s belly. “I am sorry about this, sweetheart, but I don’t really have much of a choice. I’ll make it messy for you, so old Bobby can’t ever get your blood out of his carpet.”

Dean cursed and swore behind the gag, but to no avail. Tom pulled the knife back, then launched it forward. Dean flinched and scrunched his eyes shut, but the pain never came.

“Tom Carter, you have severely outstayed your welcome.”

Dean’s eyes shot open to see Castiel holding Tom’s knife-wielding hand in a bruising grip. Using only that grip, Castiel flung the traitorous hunter across the room. His blue eyes burned with rage. Dean had never seen him so furious.

Then Tom flexed his fingers and the Chain of Balam began to glow. The hunter clicked his fingers and fire flickered into existence in the palm of his hand. “You think I’m stupid?” he asked, ignoring Dean’s muffled answer to the rhetorical question. “I know how Balam treats his servants. I knew he didn’t give a shit if I lived through this. I’ve been waiting for you, Castiel.”

He flung the fire at the ground and it ignited a trail of holy oil between them. “So come get me, bitch,” Tom taunted before opening the window to make his getaway.

“I will kill you,” Castiel said, deadly calm. “Balam will not save you.”

Tom laughed. “Oh believe me, I know that. We’re playing directly into his hands.”

And that sounded like something Dean really wanted to avoid, but none of his muffled cries drew Castiel’s attention. The angel was determined in his course of action. He was going to kill Tom.


Sam had tried everything to wake up, even attacking Balam. Nothing made a difference, they always ended up in the same place, sat on opposite sides of the damn desk with the sigil on the book between them.

“It is happening,” Balam said, smiling up at the ceiling. “Tom rails against it, but I had expected nothing else. Castiel will kill him, regardless.”

Suddenly, the symbol on the book began to glow. Balam eyed it with alarm. “What the...”

It glowed brighter and brighter, eventually forcing Sam to shield his eyes from the blinding glare. He heard Balam yell out furiously.

As soon as the light was gone, Sam opened his eyes to see he was on the sofa and Bobby was staring down at him with concern. “Sam, you okay?”

Sam nodded, pushing himself upright and noticing Balam’s sigil drawn on his stomach. “What’s that doing there?”

“Part of a banishing ritual,” Bobby explained. “With you saying you’d dreamt of him I thought a banishing ritual ought to be the first thing I cooked up. When I couldn’t wake you, I figured Balam was keeping ya under.”

“He was,” Sam nodded. Then he remembered why. “Bobby, where’s Dean and Cas?”

“Dean’s upstairs with Tom. I think something might be going on, I heard a crash, but they ain’t answering me and I can hardly get up the stairs in this chair.”

“Tom has the Chain,” Sam said, jumping up from the sofa and running for the stairs. He took the steps two at a time and was approaching the guest room just as Castiel was saying, “I will return to free you, Dean, but I must not let him escape.”

Sam slammed the door open, crying “Don’t go after him!”

But Castiel was already gone, chasing down Tom, and Sam was being glared at by his naked brother.

“I’ve gotta stop Cas,” Sam said before running from the room. There would be time for awkward embarrassment later.


“You cannot hope to outrun me.”

Tom chuckled nervously, backing away from Castiel. The hunter had found no opportunity to arm himself and was completely defenceless aside from the Chain, which he probably was not skilled with. “You know Balam wants you to kill me, right?”

Castiel practised his shrug again. “It is of no consequence whether my actions please Balam. I will kill you for betraying Dean.”

“You mean you’ll kill me for touching him,” the hunter sneered. “You’re transparent, Castiel. You’ve wanted me dead since the moment you found out about mine and Dean’s history. This is nothing to do with betrayal or angelic weapons. This is about me putting my hands all over your pet human. And when you kill me to keep me from Dean, it’ll damn you and gift-wrap you for Balam.”

“I would do anything to protect him,” Castiel replied simply, before reaching out and snapping Tom Carter’s neck.


Bobby hated his chair. He hated being stuck on the ground floor of his own house, unable to get up the stairs or even outside in a hurry. Something had been happening upstairs, then Sam had sprinted outside without explanation. Bobby didn’t have a clue what was going on or where Dean was and it was so frustrating he was about ready to shoot his own tyres.

He didn’t have to wait long for Sam’s return though, and this time Castiel was with him, carrying his trench-coat bundled up in his arms. Sam was talking animatedly.

“But how can you be sure?”

“I would know if I had fallen, Sam.”

“But you killed Tom,” the younger Winchester said quietly. “Balam said that was enough of a sin to make you fall.”

“You killed Tom Carter?” Bobby asked, shocked.

“He made it necessary,” Castiel said. “While he lived, Balam would demand he harm Dean in order to harm me. Clearly Lucifer and my fallen brethren consider me a threat to their intentions.”

“Of course they do,” Sam said. “You’re rebelling against them as much as you are against Heaven. But how can it be okay for you to have killed Tom? Balam was certain that killing a human out of hate or envy or vengeance would damn you.”

Castiel furrowed his brow. “But I did not kill him out of hate, envy or vengeance. I would deserve to fall, if that were the case.” He lay his trench-coat down carefully on the table and Bobby realised that the Chain must be inside.

“So why did you kill him? For the Chain, to help stop the apocalypse? Does that count as a more moral reason?” Bobby asked.

“I wish I could say that was the case,” Castiel said, looking faintly ashamed. “But it is as I said. That Tom Carter was willing to harm Dean for continued use of Balam’s Chain made his death necessary. I had to protect Dean.”

“So you killed him because of your feelings for Dean,” Sam said. “That’s what I’ve been saying! Surely that’s the wrong reason to kill someone!”

Castiel cocked his head aside in confusion. “If it were sinful to fight for love, all angels would have fallen when they fought for my Father, back when Lucifer first attacked Heaven. Now, if you will excuse me, Dean is liable to choke on the gag if he chews through it any further.”

And he walked off up the stairs without another word.

Bobby started to wheel himself towards the kitchen. “I’m gettin’ myself a drink and then you’re explaining that last part to me, Sam.”


Castiel strode into the guest bedroom and removed the gag from Dean’s mouth. The hunter took a deep breath.

“Finally! I thought you guys were going to leave me here all fucking night! Did you think it was funny or something?!”

The angel pressed his lips to Dean’s and swept his tongue into his beloved’s mouth. Dean hesitated a moment, undoubtedly surprised, then responded with his own lips and tongue.

Castiel drew back. “I apologise.”

Dean blinked owlishly for a few moments, licking his lips, then seemed to gather his thoughts. “Well, uh, yeah, you should be. I’ve been stuck up here, not knowing if you and Sam are okay or...”

“Not that,” Castiel interrupted. “Time was of the essence. I am apologising for not realising sooner that you require a more forceful seduction than most humans would want. I have held your soul in my hands and rebuilt your mind. I should have known what you needed.”

“What I needed?” Dean repeated, dumbstruck.

“Yes.” Castiel ran his hands over Dean’s restrained arms, delighting in the excited tremors that his touch caused. “When I am through with you, you will never need to seek it elsewhere again.”

Dean grinned. “That sounds like a promise.”

“It is,” Castiel said firmly. “And you can trust my promises.”

From: [identity profile] nox-wicked.livejournal.com

for saying you had a lot of trouble with this, I really enjoyed it. I think you did pretty awesome honestly.

Again, jealousy...such a great plot device <3 Castiel's little pacing scenes and his denial was so cute...And when he zaps into the front seat...I love how I can actually see him doing that.

And oh my god, those last lines totally killed me in the best way possible.

Awesome job, I think it came out really well :)

From: [identity profile] sarkywoman.livejournal.com

Thanks so much. I took the prompt with great excitement because 'omg jealousy' then realised 'casefic' meant plot, and I struggle with complexity. If it's not driven by character emotion, I have difficulty. So thanks again, it's reassuring to hear it worked for someone.

From: [identity profile] sarkywoman.livejournal.com

It happens after the end. I only had half an hour left to post it and porn always takes me longer than that because I find it so difficult. Plus that seemed an appropriate place to end it.

From: [identity profile] caz2y5.livejournal.com

Very true It was a good place to end it. It was a brilliant story non the less.

From: [identity profile] vivhasarifle.livejournal.com

“I do not begrudge Dean his physical pleasures,” Castiel said as he paced back and forth across Bobby’s study.

The aging hunter looked up from his books. Castiel was making it difficult to concentrate. “Yeah, we heard you the first twenty times.”

XD Oh Bobby! Awesome.

Loved this.

From: [identity profile] greyanarchy.livejournal.com

- Tom looked askance at Castiel and asked Dean, "Is he...special? Or something?" -

Oh my god, this cracked me up so bad :D Our poor, weirdly talking Castiel. I can see how he might come across a bit "special" at times to people who don't know him.

This was a truly fabulous fic, thanks for filling a fantastic prompt and sharing this! There can never be too much of Jealous!Castiel in the world of fan fiction.

From: [identity profile] sarkywoman.livejournal.com

:D Thanks! I definitely wouldn't trust Cas to fit in with everyday society. And you're right, there's no such thing as too much jealous!Castiel.

From: [identity profile] squishyball.livejournal.com

“Obviously,” Tom said slowly, “he did it all for the nookie.”

Then Castiel threw him through the window.

I just about died laughing at this part.


From: [identity profile] sarkywoman.livejournal.com

Thanks! I kept pausing and wondering if I was being too silly, but then I decided there was no such thing.

From: [identity profile] mulder200.livejournal.com

Castiel’s lip turned up as he actually snarled. It was the angriest Bobby had seen him and it served as a discomforting reminder that this naive man was actually one of God’s holy warriors. “Dean is too valuable to be pawed at by some third-rate human hunter.”

It was actually endearing, how obvious Cas’ emotions were. “Sounds like you’re a little jealous.”

The angel’s eyes widened with alarm. “That is ridiculous.”

LOL! Yeah right!

“Of course not,” Castiel replied. “My judgment is clearly impaired. I risked life and grace to drag an ungrateful soul from Hell, gave up my family and risked my life and grace again in rebellion for that same soul. Clearly I know nothing of trust and loyalty.”

Sam and Bobby shifted awkwardly. The guilt on Dean’s face quickly gave way to defensive anger. “And what exactly did you expect in return? A thank you? Because I’ve thanked you. Thank you, Castiel. There, see? I did it again. What else did you want from me? What did you do it for?”

A moment of heavy, suffocating silence.

“Obviously,” Tom said slowly, “he did it all for the nookie.”

Then Castiel threw him through the window.

LOL! Don't piss off the nerdy angel.

“So you killed him because of your feelings for Dean,” Sam said. “That’s what I’ve been saying! Surely that’s the wrong reason to kill someone!”

Castiel cocked his head aside in confusion. “If it were sinful to fight for love, all angels would have fallen when they fought for my Father, back when Lucifer first attacked Heaven. Now, if you will excuse me, Dean is liable to choke on the gag if he chews through it any further.”

And he walked off up the stairs without another word.

Bobby started to wheel himself towards the kitchen. “I’m gettin’ myself a drink and then you’re explaining that last part to me, Sam.”

Ah! The power of love!

Poor Bobby! Too much information.

And LOL! I just realized that poor Dean was all tied and naked. He missed everything.

“What I needed?” Dean repeated, dumbstruck.

“Yes.” Castiel ran his hands over Dean’s restrained arms, delighting in the excited tremors that his touch caused. “When I am through with you, you will never need to seek it elsewhere again.”

Dean grinned. “That sounds like a promise.”

“It is,” Castiel said firmly. “And you can trust my promises.”

Mm. It figures Dean would like a firm hand in romance. Cas is just the Angel for the job.

From: [identity profile] sarkywoman.livejournal.com

Holy quotations, Batman! :D I'm pleased you enjoyed it! I definitely believe Dean needs a firm hand. He likes being ordered around :)

From: [identity profile] nicole-sill.livejournal.com

I love how you captured each characters voice. I personally would have hit Tom for being an ass a long time ago. Castiel does truely have the patience of a saint. As always, Bobby is an excellent judge of character.

From: [identity profile] sarkywoman.livejournal.com

Thank you! Characterisation is something I pride myself on. And yeah, Cas stayed his hand a lot longer than I would have!

From: [identity profile] nightflyer42.livejournal.com

Ooooh, I loved the way you wrote Tom and his interactions with Dean... I mean, I totally hated him, but that was the point, right? :-) All the time I was thinking "Get your filthy paws off him, you infidel!" and I cackled with glee when Cas killed him.
Jealous!Cas makes my toes curl, and the ending was simply perfect: more food for my rabid imagination! Thanks for a great read!

From: [identity profile] sarkywoman.livejournal.com

Yeah, Tom was supposed to be an irritating little shit, but a perfectly believable one. And I too heart jealous!Cas (probably why I chose the prompt, actually!)

Thanks for reading!

From: [identity profile] ms-pao-pao.livejournal.com

*shifting guiltily as she was that gave the prompt*

I wanted to read a case-fic where Cas is jealous and goes all BAMF...and you deliver even more in this fic. This fic is great!

*sighs dreamily* The story flows nicely, everyone are in-character. And your villains...are realistically evil. The ending is perfect!

“I don’t think he’s gay, Sam,” Bobby said. “Think he just ain’t fussy. And...between us...” he hesitated awkwardly. “Dean has a tendency to, uh, cling to the men in his life. When they’re not around, he finds others. Tom was on the scene just after you’d gone to Stanford and John set Dean hunting on his own. I didn’t like him even then.”

That's actually very accurate description about Dean and people in his life.

I really enjoy reading this fic~

From: [identity profile] sarkywoman.livejournal.com

I'm so glad this fit your prompt! I was worried Cas wasn't possessive enough.

From: [identity profile] ms-pao-pao.livejournal.com

Cas is possessive enough without becomes all cave-man on Dean, and with case aspect it's perfect~ Definitely fit Cas character.

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I loved it! This was one prompt that caught my eye in the 'I really wanna read that fic' kinda way when I saw it and I was so excited to see it claimed. Doubly so when I saw that it was you who took it.
I love poor, jealous Cas.
As for cutting it close. Hee hee, so did I! Oh well, doesn't it always happen like that?

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Aww thanks! You flatter me.

I found including a case made it a lot longer than I'd intended and I was struggling to finish it. If it weren't for the case aspect I'd have just thrown in some OMC/Dean flirting then some BAMF!Cas/Dean porn, lol.

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Yes, cases will do that to a fic, but I liked the opportunities it gave you to add more bits.

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JEALOUS/POSSESSIVE/BAMF!CAS!!! The way that you wrote him was amazing.

“It is,” Castiel said firmly. “And you can trust my promises.”


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Oh hey story hey! Wow, talk about awesome~ I did not like that Tom character and I was very pleased to see how Cas avoided falling into their trap because he acted out of love and not jealousy like the others thought. <3

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Then Castiel threw him through the window.

Probably the best thing I've ever read.

I wish I could throw people through windows so freaking bad!!!

Just plain...Excellent.

Tom needs to be a real character on SPN.
Just decided.

You're my hero.

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My dad threw someone through a window once, lol. I'm glad you liked Tom (or at least the events that Tom caused...)

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This was a great fic. Loved the plot very much and I wanted to choke Tom to death from the first time he opened his mouth XD

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loved this story. It's a pity there is so little jealous Castiel stories out there.

“I don’t think he’s gay, Sam,” Bobby said. “Think he just ain’t fussy.

Ha! Bobby has a knack for getting the crux of things and explaining them succinctly.

The only thing is, I just can't see Dean putting anyone above Castiel on his trust ladder. But I made myself the theory that Tom somehow influenced him through the Chain so it didn't bother me. =D


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Thank you! I love jealous!Castiel stories as well and wish there were more.

It is possible Tom was influencing Dean with the Chain. I left that open as a possibility. Mainly I think Dean just didn't understand Castiel's behaviour in this fic and underestimated Tom.

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“Obviously,” Tom said slowly, “he did it all for the nookie.”

Then Castiel threw him through the window.

LOL! I loved how simply you put it! XD

I was a little confused by Dean's emotions regarding Cas - there was that bit about Dean imagining cuddling Cas instead of Tom, but he had sex with Tom without guilt. Anyway, this is a great read, a bit unusual, and a lot of fun!

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Thanks! When I was working on it I had the idea in mind that Dean cares for Cas, but is under the impression that those feelings aren't returned. He thinks maybe he should feel bad when he's with Tom because he feels for Cas, but then he doesn't realise that Castiel has feelings for him too and as such he is actually hurting him. So he doesn't really need to feel bad. As he sees it.

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Very good villain, very good usage of the plot and a smoking hot ending *grin* major kudos <3


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